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Welcome to the Forex Magic Wave Strategy


Make 50 to 100+ pips each and every day easily


“I rather trust a trader who has tried one strategy 1000 times than a trader who has tried 1000 strategies”


Three Simple Steps To Follow.


1. Price Retraces Into The Magic Wave.


2. Then Comes Out With A Momentum Bar.


3. While Indicators Confirm The Entries.



Take a Look at the Chart Below. This is How it Works.


A Picture Worth a Thousand words


affiliates Aud-usd-15-min-for-word1-1024x691


 Below, Some Of My Last Week’s Trades. 





affiliates Aud-jpy-5-min-06-29-12-1024x695

affiliates Gbp-usd-30-min-06-29-12-1024x695

affiliates Eur-jpy-15-min-06-29-12-1024x695

affiliates Gbpjpy-30-min-06-29-12-1024x695

affiliates Aud-usd-5-min-06-29-12-1024x695

affiliates Aud-usd-5-min-06-28-12-1024x695



Congratulations, why? because you are here and reading this

  post and if you make the right decision today, It can be a


life changing moment for you.


affiliates Eur-usd-1-min-06-28-12-1024x695

affiliates Gbp-usd-1-min-06-27-12-1024x695

This strategy is my HOLLY GRAIL.


And it can be yours too if you take it and learn it or just follow my trade signals in this Live Trading Room. GO Check It Out on www.magicwavetradingroom.com


Any Question ? Just Email me . offeronreo@yahoo.com


affiliates Gbp-usd-5-min-06-26-12-1024x695

affiliates Eur-jpy-5-min-06-25-12-1024x695

affiliates Gbp-jpy-15-min-06-25-12-1024x695



By now, you have seen all the charts and video I have

posted above.These charts shows how the setup look

like. Notice how the setup is so similar in all the charts ?

 This happens several times  a day in every pairs.


These are some of the emails I have received from the customers

1)     I had it today Sell on USD\JPY and Gold, 60 pips and 400 pips respectively :)

2)   Why did you take these trades on the 15min chart as opposed to the 5 min, which is usually  the timeframe that you prefer and they were equally as clear? Keep up the great work. I really want to learn all I can about this fantastic system of yours.

3)    Yes, thanks…I had several good trades on 1 min chart also, not much pips around  15 to 20 but it was good to know that it works fine…thank you… I also saw your 5 min and  15 min TF trades, very nice one indeed

4)   Hi Sam
Its really really COOL Sam, so after the prices touch AC line, whats going next…
When will you have Forex Seminar Sam, just email us, we will be there.
Have a great weekend.

5)    I took the same one. Entry at 1.6013 though (still closing below the magic wave). I closed half my  position at S1 (1.5990). Still using half my position, going for S2.

6)    if people need an explanation of your very simple system, they shouldnt be playing in this market. PS by simple i am not suggesting it does not have value, on the contrary i am having a fair bit of success with it.  Unlike some overpriced robots and pdfs which are as much use as a chocolate ashtray… I am a 30 year vet of the forex markets having been on Nat West banks Deutsche mark dollar  desk in the 80s, but i am always learning new things. keep up the good work.

7)    I’m on it, nice trade..

8)    seen it, got it thanks and again this morning a sell at 6027.

9)    I can’t say enough good things about your fantastic system. Thanks for sharing it  and all the help you are giving us all with advice and daily screenshots.

10)    Your the man!!, keep up the good work, I’m off on hols for a week.

11)   Hi Sam,
This was a good trade 20 pips half position and 55 pips second half.
There are not many traders coming to the chat room. I want to tell you
that your system is really fantastic. Maybe the other traders are not
going to the chat room because they are good at trading. If they are
having trouble they should try to be there.
12 )
we have been watching it for 2 days now. it is unbelievable. there were  about 11 set ups 
2 falied. 88% pretty strong. i am sure we will get that perfected to avoid any stupid mistakes,
 but with time we’ll get better. i have to remember to act only on engulfing candle out of the
 wave, unless you think also different candles out of the wave.
thanks a lot for everything
13 )
Sent: Friday, January 13, 2012 9:56 AM
Subject: My Best Week Ever!!
Hey Sam,
You know, what attracted me to your system at first was this saying on your website. “ 
 WHO HAS TESTED 1000 STRATEGIES. “  It seems like the more that I trade this system the
 better I get with it.  Close to 700 pips this week, before I would be lucky if I made that in two
 months. It is the way that you have taught me to look at the markets that is so fantastic!! Today,
 EURUSD completed a 5 wave pattern at a resistance area that just happen 
to be a 1.382 extension of the previous high. I dial down to the 1 min chart and wait for an entry, 
I look to the other pairs that I am trading I see a similar setup coming to life. The price pulls back 
into the wave, I enter on a momentum bar. Over 200 pips today and it is only 9:30!! I think that 
that is it for me for that week, the great thing is that I will repeat the same on Monday!!
Have a great weekend Sam,
Thank you a lot!!

Have a question?

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purchase your copy of Magic Wave  Strategy today for only

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These are some of the Feed backs from the customers who have bought this strategy from my eBay store and using it



Feedback From/price Date/time
Positive feedback rating Works as described customer:

Feb-16-12 08:08

FOREX-CURRENCY TRADING SYSTEM-STRATEGY ( MAGIC WAVE ) (#220821762546)US $49.98View ItemPositive feedback ratingseller good. I advise all customers:

lbvf8585 ( 8 )

Feb-15-12 07:25 FOREX-CURRENCY TRADING SYSTEM-STRATEGY ( MAGIC WAVE ) (#220905896081)US $49.99View ItemPositive 

feedback ratingawsome system , thankscustomer:

knuckleott ( 2 )

Feb-11-12 10:43 FOREX-CURRENCY TRADING SYSTEM-STRATEGY ( MAGIC WAVE ) (#220822422667)US $49.98View ItemPositive 

feedback ratingVery good value. Super fast delivery. Great support. Thanks.customer:

Feb-01-12 14:06 FOREX-CURRENCY TRADING SYSTEM-STRATEGY ( MAGIC WAVE ) (#220822422667)US $49.98View ItemPositive 

feedback ratingPerfect All. Good Seller And EA . Very fast 5555 Goodddddcustomer:

thai-hope ( 4 )

Jan-25-12 08:53 FOREX-CURRENCY TRADING SYSTEM-STRATEGY ( MAGIC WAVE ) (#220821762546)US $49.98View ItemPositive 

feedback ratinggood system,easy to follow.worth the price. Class A ebayer too..++++customer:

Jan-22-12 05:15 FOREX-CURRENCY TRADING SYSTEM-STRATEGY ( MAGIC WAVE ) (#220821762546)US $49.98View ItemPositive 

feedback ratingResponded faster than I realized. Excellent Seller. Will do business again. A+customer:

Jan-19-12 21:07 FOREX-CURRENCY TRADING SYSTEM-STRATEGY ( MAGIC WAVE ) (#220804971604)US $49.99View ItemPositive 

feedback ratingA fantastic trading method! It all makes since now. Min 2 trades per$ per nightcustomer:

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Jan-19-12 18:11 FOREX-CURRENCY TRADING SYSTEM-STRATEGY ( MAGIC WAVE ) (#220851431022)US $49.99View ItemPositive 

feedback ratingThe seller was timely and promped on everything. Thank you sir.customer:

msir2927 ( 4 )

Jan-12-12 20:43 FOREX-CURRENCY TRADING SYSTEM-STRATEGY ( MAGIC WAVE ) (#220927602931)US $55.00View ItemPositive 

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480625 ( 11Yellow star icon for feedback score in between 10 

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feedback ratingvery well documented, realistic and promising, for sure a serious system !!customer:

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feedback ratingGood Product/Service AAA+customer:

Jan-02-12 19:00 FOREX-CURRENCY TRADING SYSTEM-STRATEGY ( MAGIC WAVE ) (#220920589060)US $55.00View ItemPositive 

feedback ratingEasy transaction, followed up, answered emails, sent additional info, awesome!customer:

itp333 ( 9 )

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Dec-29-11 01:03 FOREX-CURRENCY TRADING SYSTEM-STRATEGY ( MAGIC WAVE ) (#220920014406)US $25.00View ItemPositive 

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Dec-28-11 17:28 FOREX-CURRENCY TRADING SYSTEM-STRATEGY ( MAGIC WAVE ) (#220921288626)US $25.00View ItemPositive 

feedback ratingVery good instructions. Works.customer:

Dec-28-11 12:00 FOREX-CURRENCY TRADING SYSTEM-STRATEGY ( MAGIC WAVE ) (#220804971604)US $49.99View ItemPositive 

feedback ratingEffective Strategy for M5, M15, M30 Timeline. Simple to use. Highly Recommendedcustomer:

Dec-19-11 05:06 FOREX-CURRENCY TRADING SYSTEM-STRATEGY ( MAGIC WAVE ) (#220905896081)US $49.99View Item


You can setup your charts according to my instructions on your MT4 platform and start trading with it within few hours.But most importantly, I will be always there as a mentor to help you via email or skype whenever you need me. I will be sending you all the information through the emails ( PDF )  and also my last week’s trades with indies on to show you how this setup looks like and what you should be looking for. I will also provide indicators as well as some other documents which I think are really good covering Candlestick formation, Harmonic Patterns and Elliott Waves for study to become a fully informed trader.


The finest tool in the world still needs a MAN who KNOWS how to use it.

and that is exactly I am going to show you how to combine few Indicators and a Candlestick Formation
to find these fantastic trading opportunities and Setups

affiliates Aud-usd-15-min-06-25-12-1024x695

Thank you